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We show porcelain and ceramic tile; natural stone; as well as a range of handmade glass, metal and tile.  You will find endless design possibilities and inspiration for your next residential project. We will help you put the winning combination together, whether it’s a consultation in-store or on-site.  We help the construction team or give a three-year workmanship guarantee if we install it. Tiles from all over the world are featured in our Design Studio: glass and metal mosaics; natural stone such as slate, calcareous, travertine and marble; as well as porcelain, ceramic and hand-made tiles. We will guide you through a variety of options that make your dreams a reality while keeping your budget in line. The workforce with over 20 years of building experience provides services from in-house experts including predictions, project management, and professional facilities.

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Our company began with humble, modest beginnings. Our founders began their careers as most others do, working in the construction and tile setting for larger businesses. It was a hobby that turned into an ambition for some and eventually a career, for others it was a family business. They also noted, however, the pattern that the big tile setting industry was that, the greater was also the apparent incapacity to adjust or appeal to their customers. No configuration, no listening and feedback, no customer service and no long-term relationships with clients.

They made an undertaking to change this and set up their own tile setting business. Our main pillars concentrate on customer service and advance on a daily basis the value offered to our customers. Because of our customer’s success, we are responsible for these measures. If you are planning to renovate your kitchen or are interested in choosing the perfect tiles for your new home, give us a call. Our glass, ceramics and stone backsplash design experience will give you the luxury you want. The team is committed to building the surroundings of the shower and the pool. With our extensive experience of creating unique, hand-tiled showers, we can create your dreams’ at-home spa. We can turn your existing fireplace into a stunning centerpiece for your living room or family room with a bright, modern tile or stone finish that suits your style.

With a one-year job contract, we continue to support all our testing and recognize quality assurances from all suppliers. Our experts give you confidence and ensure that your project is installed properly, have the durability you expect from the tile, and suit the exact model and specifications. When starting a project, they arrange tasks in different ways, but the largest, most complicated projects have tried and tested methodologies to help break down procedures and ensure that clients and different departments are comfortable with whom and when to complete tasks.

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