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Our many specializations include custom metal flashing manufacturing, all kinds of roofing applications, roof cleaning and carpentry work to accommodate even the most discerning customers. Regardless of what form of application, repair, large or small, Above Roofing can satisfy all your roofing needs. Provide outstanding performance in roofing, concentrating on customer service. Our facilities are based on the latest roofing technology and materials.

We provide residential / commercial roofing requirements. We have year-round installation so that you don’t have to do more harm to your home by waiting for the spring / summer months. Roof repairs are available for temporary / immediate attention to problem areas. We are proud to be honest with our customers and to ensure that the work being done is up-to-date with you. All our customers will feel safe about their investment knowing that KAnsis City Roofing only uses the best materials to improve the durability of your roof.  A new roof is a major investment that can be overwhelming, allowing us to carry the weight and relax knowing you’re working with a trustworthy, reliable and skilled business! A properly installed metal roof may survive some hurricane-grade winds, debris, snow and ice build-up. It reduces the cost of maintenance / replacement due to its durability, adding value to your home as well.

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We are proud to offer repair and new roofing facilities to help our clients select the best finish to protect against the weather and enhance the design of their home. In addition, we are specialists in commercial flat-roofing systems for large buildings and apply the same skills and knowledge to residential roofing systems. And you know you get the highest level of expertise for your house. And a product we haven’t tested or built rarely comes onto the market. Including silicone shakes and metal tiles to heavy-weight laminate shingles, we will advise you on the best design for your house. Timing Services Our estimation department provides a responsible on-site monitoring service to tender pricing plans upon completion of the roof construction. This has the benefit of eliminating waste and reducing costs. We also offer a robust and qualified advisory service. Often worked with different delivery vehicle sizes and our smaller delivery vehicles allow us to deliver emergency deliveries that are so often required in this industry. 

At the tender stage, our estimation department offers pricing plans and quantity bills with a responsible on-site assessment follow-up service after the roof construction has been completed. This has the benefit of eliminating waste and reducing costs. We also provide a qualified and detailed consulting service. Our internal sales team is well-informed and effective and willing to assist you on the phone or in person if you decide to visit our premises.

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