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Our repair crews are qualified to repair all forms of commercial and flat roofs. Usually, with minimal disruption, we can repair leaks or other roof damage to you or your business.

Roof leaks are not always easy to find, as water can pass between the layers of the roof system and the roof framework before entering the building. You need a roofing specialist who has the expertise, qualifications and proper equipment to locate the leaks and fix the roof system properly.

Our technicians are highly skilled and equipped to handle any type of repair, no matter how complex it may be. Our teams are safely trained and compliant with all provincial safety standards. 

The use of technology extends the repair crew’s capabilities and distinguishes us from our rivals. We are one of the only companies offering thermal image scanning to detect moisture in your roof structure to identify trouble spots and leaks from the roof.

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Climate can cause corrosion and damage to the flat roof over time. Regular roof checks ensure that significant damage can be avoided. The reason why we are selected by our customers for these awards is our high attention to detail, professional workmanship and commitment to customer satisfaction. We recognize that we wouldn’t have been able to survive all these years without our great employees, which is why we put so much emphasis on the health of workers. We want to ensure that they are equipped with the necessary safety gear and trained in industry best practices to prevent accidents when our crew goes out to work. Our reliability and experience in the roofing industry is one of the best, with decades of on – the-job experience of certified specialists. As a company that has been running for a long time with our customers.

Ask your roofer about the materials they will use, process, cost, clean up, and see how they will openly communicate with you about your project. If they are unable to answer your questions with clear answers, they may not be a contractor you should be doing business with. Poor communication may lead to misunderstandings, unexpected surprises, and a substandard final product.  We are meticulous in our assessment when reviewing our job, ensuring that corners are not cut and the work is done correctly the first time. It covers quality control, construction requirements, brand name materials, and workmanship and equipment warranty warranties.

 While there are obvious visual signs indicating the need for a replacement, the problem often has more to do with it than the eye does. Our trained project estimators monitor the insulation and ventilation of the attic, the wood’s shape and configuration, and all of your roofing system components. 

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