Popcorn removal service company

Specializing in popcorn replacement, drywall flat ceiling repair and knockdown textures, we have expertise in design applications. Our team takes extra care and time to make sure we treat your home as our own. During your ceiling repair, drywall repairs, or ceiling texture applications, all precautions are taken to make it look like we’ve never been there. Our forecasts are free to suit your schedule and delivered in a timely manner. Our team will work tirelessly for the timely planning and completion of your project.

We are dedicated to providing high-quality services to our customers. If you need to remove obsolete popcorn ceilings, we can remove it and replace it with a completely smooth finish, install pot lights, install crown molding, and even paint your entire home. We say you can rely on us when you need a company with years of experience and a company that you can count on and trust. We are competitive and perfected the process of elimination and were able to lower our rates to meet the tighter budgets. 

Visit our website  www.a1apopcornremoval.com

We work to ensure that each team member has the necessary resources, experience and training to maintain the highest quality and service level for all customers. If you are curious about options and are interested in talking to an expert, please contact us to get a free estimate. We want to collaborate with you and make a reality of your dream. Our experience ranges from minor damage to the ceiling caused by moving a pot light to a single home reno project, to each ceiling in a high-rise construction project. They also change their ceiling’s appearance to compliment the room as people change their decor.

It is possible to attach or remove the room from the ceiling. We sell texture removal, drywall roof, repairing and texture application. Sometimes the old popcorn has been painted so heavily with an oil-based paint that it has mixed with the old drywall and the effort to clean it off leaves you with an irregular, distorted drywall ceiling that is not suitable for paint or ceiling texture. The best way to get rid of the popcorn finish, depending on how the popcorn texture was applied (heavy or light), is to brush a layer of drywall mud over the old popcorn texture and then sand when it has dried.

The effect is a smooth ceiling ready for paint or pattern finishing. The easiest way to determine if rubbing your hand over an area is the oil painted on your texture ceiling. It will be as hard as a rock to paint a popcorn ceiling with oil. With a metal putty knife, it wouldn’t even affect the painted texture. Contact us just as we have provided thousands of happy customers with ceiling texture services over the years.

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