Platinum Sands Construction

Platinum Sands Construction has been providing superior facilities and renovations in some of Florida’s top true property for over 20 years. With diligence and pride, we provide the best services at the best price, aiming to stay the best bathroom remodeling service company,

We are as proud of the remodeling of the bathroom as the holders of the estate. We can offer unrivaled performance in our bathroom facilities with the most up to date materials, instruments and apps.

Our initiatives are so praised by our customers that we gain constant praise for our refurbishment work.

On request to be perfect, our creative flair gives the renovated toilet a fa├žade that every property owner can be proud of from accurate tiling to proper plumbing and fitting. Bathrooms are connected by the Platinum Sands construction knowledge in some of the leading restaurants, shopping centers and properties. This is why we read what our customers say about us before choosing on your next company.

Our teams are composed of skilled and efficient personnel. They are always under oversight. All plumbing and electrical work is performed by skilled craftsmen.


Experience has shown that full renovation of the bathroom requires five to seven days. We start working on a Monday morning and usually finish the bath on a Friday. We do one bathroom at a moment and leave the other for use during the refurbishment process.

All materials provided by us will be of the best standard on the local market.

We organize a waste bin for the length of the refurbishment at our expense.

Do you need a citation or would you like to learn more? Call us today to see how we can assist you to make your house feel better today, by receiving a free quotation without delay!

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