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Why do you choose our tenderloin?
We plan to be the leading paving company throughout and around Port Elizabeth.

Durable and strong Our paving can stand up to high levels of load and is suitable for various types of landscaping projects, including foot paths and roads for residential, municipal and commercial vehicles.

Elastic cracking is avoided because our paving is elastic and changes when the soil and materials underneath it are shifting.

EASY TO CLEAN Pavers need minimal care, are quickly scrubbed with a brush and some water detergent to return to their previous appearance.

Non-slip Because our pavers are rough and textured, they are slip resistant and ideal for wet areas such as the nearby swimming pool and the other outdoor areas. Many municipalities also have paved roads and footpaths.

LOWER MANTENANCE ADD REPAIR COSTS It is easy to lift this paver and replace it with one, if a paver is stained or damaged, to significantly lower maintenance and repair costs than other paving materials such as concrete.

QUICK AND EASY INSTALLATION In every kind of moderate weather conditions, our paving can be installed, which helps to keep time and installation costs in the budget. It is a fairly quick and easy process and can be moved or driven on as soon as the installation is complete.

RESISTANT TO ULTRAVIOLET LIGHT The sun is harsh and harmful, but as our pavers are made out of natural materials they do not fade away and look beautiful for many years to come. In Boston, USA, there are paved streets that have been in excellent use for about 200 years.

ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY OF our natural materials, our pavers will not lose color and finish even after many years apart from being environmental friendly, and will be an important investment in increasing the value of your property.

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