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First and foremost, mold is everywhere, and indeed some can be harmful. The black mold, also known as “Strachybotrys,” is the most dangerous type of mold. It can cause coughing, sneezing, cold environments, and if you are exposed to it for long enough, it can cause respiratory issues. Young children, elderly people and people with respiratory problems are at higher risk of having side effects of black mold. Getting a test of home air quality is a great way to know what’s going on in the environment and if you’re in danger. After the Mold Remediation method, we suggest preforming clearance. We’re sure to pass clearance for a decent mold remedy as part of our Six Step Process.

We are professionals and know how to make sure the air you breathe is safe. Our team offers certified mold removal and remediation for residential and commercial customers in Calgary and surrounding areas. Mold is difficult and it is sadly looking for perfect breeding grounds in many settings. Once established, mold needs to be fed for survival–and may include sheet-rock feeding, carpeting, wood, and even old clothing. Mold can thrive as long as the moist, humid or humid environment is present. And in many cases the problem will continue and deteriorate unless the removal of mold is thorough to detailed. Mold is an organism which can replicate and spread very easily. Immediate removal of the fungus is important because it is recognized that people have severe allergic reactions to the presence of mold and suffer from symptoms such as rashes, skin and throat irritation, and a general decline in health.

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The situation can very quickly turn catastrophic when a residential or commercial building is invaded by water damage (or sewer damage). And if water damage is not properly dried, it will increase the potential for mold growth. Mold can grow and spread after full mold removal after proper drying, which could lead to adverse health effects.

These are called GREEN, i.e. cleaning materials that are strong and hard-hitting on mold, but clean and safe for occupants. Our process of mold removal ensures safe and effective mold remediation. And our technicians ensure that consumers and staff are safe and protected by the mold removal process.

We return mold-impacted areas to “natural” by mold testing and transfer of mold-impacted source materials, but we don’t stop mold removal. To prevent the mold from returning, we identify the source of the mold and repair the source problem. Mold Squad also has catering experts to fix your area once the toxic substance has been removed. If you think you might have mold or any other contaminant, please contact us for mold testing.

Without a professional, the mold can be disturbed and airborne, causing potential damage to your home and family.

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