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We consider the current layout and infrastructure, the space and budget available, your lifestyle and, of course, your dining preferences when designing your kitchen! Whether you’re eating around the kitchen island, wanting a breakfast nook, or prefering a full dining room, we’re going to help design the kitchen that suits your needs.

Home experts like us agree that when it comes to home assessments, the kitchen is the most important room. That’s why a modern kitchen design is not only beneficial for space use, it also adds value for re-sale. Modern appliances, updated cabinetry and surfaces and intelligent storage spaces can dramatically increase your kitchen and home value.

But it’s just as important to budget and plan the renovation as to dream up new design ideas for your ideal kitchen. The cost of renovating the kitchen in Vancouver varies depending on many factors including square footage, requests for layout changes and material costs.

Changing the color of the paint without tearing down or rebuilding walls, re-facing the cabinet without buying new cabinets, and sticking to well-made lower-end appliances will keep down costs. However, you can get into the tens of thousands for a complete kitchen overhaul, including layout redesign, custom cabinets and high-end finishes and appliances.

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Before you start ripping cabinets off the walls and selecting all the finishing touches, grab your checklist and get ready to handle the budget, stress and demands that come with a kitchen remodel. It’s worth the final result! A successful kitchen remodel has many different aspects to it. Depending on your needs, you may want a smaller project that focuses only on certain areas, such as tiles or cabinets, or you may want a complete overhaul that will take your existing kitchen and make it unrecognizable. Before starting any kitchen remodeling project, we take everything into consideration and carry out the plan with great attention to detail and efficiency.

We have enough experience to make sure your work is well done and built to last for any kitchen remodeling you may need. With little difficulty, we can also handle more serious home remodeling projects. These projects include all new cabinets to be installed or the kitchen floor plan to be completely restored. There may be variations in your reasons for wanting a more serious project. You may be very old in your cabinets and show signs of wear. You might want a new floor plan to give you more space to socialize and leave more space open.  Contact us today for any kitchen remodel you need and we can discuss what options are at your disposal. We want to give you your dream kitchen and you can help us to achieve that goal by calling us today.

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