Innovative Bathroom Design Trends of 2019

Looking for the recent developments before a home remodeling project is a good place to inspire your remodeling project. While a skilled design advisor from a leading restructuring business may definitely assist you to decide on a style you enjoy, knowing more about it can increase your fulfillment with the final layout before your original consultation.

Those with a more practical toilet remodeling strategy will be happy to learn about the fresh developments we saw in 2019. At Platinum Sands Construction, our bathroom designers like to create the most personalized designs centered on contemporary renovation methods, coupled with our clients ‘ particular needs. In this post, we will cover some of the most common and interesting developments that we’ve seen in the restructuring of the bathroom up to now to assist you to plan the next conversion of your bathroom.


Take it from us. Take it from us. This year, the present minimalist trend, lasting for at least half a century, is greater than ever. But we have observed that the trend has changed somewhat throughout the year–and minimalist designs are becoming less–well, minimalist.

Let us clarify. Clean, easy and effective, true minimalist designs. They are also clever, space-saving and work instead of flair. Today, the minimalist toilets are still sleeker and more effective than ever, although they have also mildly shrunk from the flawless simplicity of Scandinavian and Japanese minimalist models, with modern American beauty and comfort. They have developed to include flying vanities constructed with plenty of storage room, advanced, elegant wall-mounted bathrooms and high-tech bathrooms focused on the feature (and also a number of luxury characteristics).


All right, so the unseen shower stall isn’t invisible, effectively. It’s an expression we use to define seamless glass shower boxes with barrier-free shower surfaces. This “infinity shower” concept is growing very common this year, particularly in transformation initiatives for a bath to shower. If you’re in smooth rows, in the maximizing room and in the advanced elegance of the floor-to-ceiling glass walls and of the shower region, it is possible that you have to twist a little to see (at least from afar).


In the latest years and potentially in latest centuries, Wallpaper has got a poor rap. This year, however, wallpapers come back on the walls of the country, tiny but strong. While homeowners don’t use it to cover their full bathrooms as much as they used to, they use parts to decorate wall parts. Think of an accent wall surrounded by distinctive and exciting styles. The best part of this layout trend is that if you get bored of it after a while, it can readily be altered.

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