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If there is any internal damage to your window frames, our qualified window installers will keep you up to date on any point of window replacement. With years to come, we’re making sure you’re happy with your new windows and doors. As part of our full-service approach, we ensure that after completion of the project, we leave the residence clean and remove all building garbage. Both crews are carrying extra drop cloths to cover both walks, secure the floors and keep a clean work area. We only use in-house highly trained installers to ensure quality control throughout the entire installation process. We design, manufacture and install custom-designed aluminum and vinyl framed windows, patio sliding doors, and French / garden doors in single and multi-family homes, as well as high-rise structures. For leveling a window, pre-cut shims are used. We minimize the frame’s deflection, distortion and rotation and allow the window to operate properly.

Polyurethane foam is an air barrier and a thermal barrier. It keeps the house warm and avoids drafts. To act as part of the air and vapor barrier, sealant is applied to the exterior device. This stays out of the home heat, avoids leaks and external air leakage. As part of our full-service approach, we ensure that we leave the residence clean and remove all trash from the building upon completion of the project. All teams are carrying extra drop cloths to cover the two walkways, protect the floors and maintain a safe working environment.

Watch your energy bills drop after our Vancouver window construction contractors have installed energy-efficient windows. We’ve protected you from window upgrades and replacements to glass window repairs. When temperatures drop and rise, some windows will fall and bow and break their seal. When the seal breaks, the window drops the insulated gas filling. It leads to air and water entry into the glass. Our double-glazed windows are standing firm against the pressure without slashing or bowing. The seal will remain intact.

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An ineffective window is cold to the touch when it’s frigid outside. We’re offering you windows that are moist to the winter touch and cool to the summer touch. Such efficiency only occurs when the window is of the highest quality.

Durable, weatherproof and consistent with the elegance and style that you come to want from us, our windows are all alone in a row. We offer affordable windows above and beyond the rest with style and efficiency. Furthermore, our insurance gives you peace of mind from a pioneer in the industry.

Your windows work as barriers to the elements as the seasons change. The damaging UV rays do not go through the glass on sunny days. You get to see the scene and stay dry and safe behind your window panel when the rain is pouring, and there is lightning. And as winter goes down, your windows put the bitter cold in the bay as you watch the snow fall.

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