A complete guide about the impact windows in West Palm Beach

A complete guide about the impact windows in West Palm Beach

The more you know about the impact windows in West Palm Beach, the better you will understand why it is so important to consider installing them in your home and office. It doesn’t really matter if you are building a home from scratch or if you are just looking for ways to make your home hurricane proof.  With this guide, you will understand what the impact windows are all about so that you can know the importance of installing them into your home.

What are Impact windows?

Impact windows, also known as hurricane windows are windows that are specifically designed for extra protection against hurricanes and really strong storms.

The windows are made so that it doesn’t break that easily, and if it breaks, that it doesn’t shatter everywhere, causing people to get cut seriously. With the windows staying intact with a strong storm, the chance that your home won’t get damage is a lot better. Limiting the damage to your home.

What are they made of?

To understand why these impact windows are so strong, you need to know how it’s made. PVB (polyvinyl butyral) or EVA (ethylene-vinyl acetate) are getting installed between two layers of glass. It absorbing the impact when it is getting struck by debris that is flying everywhere during this type of storm

And, to prevent glass shatter when the window to break, the glass is getting laminated as well. When it shatters, it won’t break down in pieces and will still protect the inside of your home. Preventing the storm from going inside your home.

Must meet certain criteria

You can’t just go to any store and ask for impact windows. The company that is selling these windows need to meet certain criteria in order to say that they are selling hurricane windows.

If the criteria aren’t met, they can’t sell it as impact windows, but only as strong windows. So, if you are purchasing hurricane windows, you should make sure that the company has met all the criteria and that it has the stamp of approval on it. Otherwise, you might be disappointed with the end result.

The costs of these impact windows

The costs of the impact windows are more expensive than the normal windows. However, if you see how much money you can save, with damaged caused by a hurricane, then the price isn’t too high to pay. With doing a bit of research, you might find a service that is asking lower prices on the same quality windows.

With this complete guide, you will know everything there is to know about impact windows in West Palm Beach. You will know why this is something that you should consider. And, how these windows are made so that it can protect your whole family. Now, you will understand why this is something that you should consider installing in your home.