A1A popcorn removal

Consider the removal of your popcorn ceilings.

Homes across the nation were fitted with popcorn screens for more than half a century.

The texturing impact began in the 1930s and persisted in the 1990s, coating walls in a humpy texture. This look has been common for several purposes, but it is no longer desirable owing to health issues and changes in house architecture patterns. There are excellent factors to consider removing popcorn ceilings.

Why remove ceilings from popcorn?

There are many factors why you want to consider removing them and refurbishing the appearance of your spaces when you have a house with popcorn walls. Some individuals do not care about the popcorn texture, but many individuals would like to look more contemporary and sleek. Here are several popular reasons for homeowners to remove their popcorn walls.


Popcorn walls are no longer stylish and are unlikely to return quickly as a design trend. Sleek, colored plaster walls that suit the house decor can improve the feel of your house.


It is hard and challenging to try to wash the popcorn walls. It is even difficult to dust to remove cobwebs; any clothing or duster used continues to adhere to the fabric and creates more difficulties.


Many popcorn walls were produced from asbestos until 1977. Although asbestos should not be damaging, it needs specific methods and tools to safely remove popcorn walls containing asbestos.

Home value.

Popcorn walls can be disruptive for customers when you decide to sell your house. The style and fear for asbestos can reduce the importance of your household relative to comparable homes without the construction element.

There are many explanations why popcorn walls should be removed and only a few explanations why individuals leave them. Popcorn walls can conceal imperfections in a roof; it requires ability to generate a clean look, if the roof is irregular below. Removal is also chaotic, and asbestos popcorn floors involve unique measures to prevent exposure. These problems should not prevent anyone from removing their popcorn walls, taking into account the many advantages to be derived.

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