Get Popcorn Ceilings OUT of your LIFE

Sure, popcorn ceilings were dated and gone years ago out of style. Most new home owners are therefore looking for ways to remove textured ceilings from popcorn. To remove the popcorn texture isn’t that complicated, but it certainly can be a messy task (and I will show you a few easy and less messy solutions for this).

Removal of popcorn ceilings-how to eliminate popcorn ceilings in 4 simple steps. Also, how popcorn ceilings were made (yes, they were supposed to) as well as some look outs for popcorn ceilings. Note: Sometimes these are called cottage cheese ceilings or acoustic textured popcorn ceilings.

I’m going to show you from there the simple steps to do that yourself. If you find that you have asbestos and/or plumage on the ceiling, I’ll also share alternative ideas. And when you try to sell your house, I will address the effect that popcorn ceilings can have. I will give you some bonus tips for removing popcorn ceilings at the very end.

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Why have popcorn ceilings been popular once? What are the advantages?
Believe it or not, the popcorn ceilings had real functional advantages. First, it offers an acoustic benefit by absorbing sound and reducing noise reflection. Secondly, they made building simpler and less costly as they cover defects in the sheet rock and taping system. By using these textured ceilings, several joint compound coatings are dispersed over clocks / screw troughs and other surface imperfections. They also reduce maintenance because they rarely need to be repainted (as the texture camouflages dirt / imperfection.

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